LOOK: Kapamilya celebrities in their merriest Christmas headbands

ABS-CBN.com December 24, 2018 10:18 PM

Being a country that celebrates Christmas for at least three whole months, there are many traditions that every household share.

For starters there is the Simbang Gabi. Religion is deeply imbedded in our culture and many families still celebrate this holiday season as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Even if one is not a devoted Christian, there is still a sense of belonging that comes with attending the Misa de Gallo with your friends or family. Not only that, completing all nine nights could bring a sense of accomplishment for others that is rewarded with a wish.

Yet, over time, Christmas has simply turned into a chance for loved ones to reunite. Especially because not every Filipino is Roman Catholic. Regardless of religion, parties are held in schools, in the work place, and even among family members. There is always a sense of excitement when participating in the Monito Monita because you never know what you will get. Although, it is probably more exciting to try and guess who your Secret Santa is.

How could you forget the puto bumbong. The mixture of various sticky purple rice (puto) that has been cooked in bamboo (bumbong) and served on a banana leaf has become a staple of Christmas. It is rare to find this treat when it is not Christmas time. Even if you do, for some reason, it just does not taste the same. Puto Bumbong is truly best served in December.

Last but not the least, one of every kid’s favorite part about this holiday is probably the new clothes! We all know that feeling of buying a new outfit and being forced to wait until Christmas Day to wear it. It is always fun to dress up. Some opt for a fancier look while others truly embody the Christmas spirit with some fun headbands!

From Santa hats to reindeer antlers and even an actual Christmas tree, there is nothing too over the top during this merry season! Even your favorite celebrities are trying them on. So, if you are feeling shy and hesitant about these adorable headbands, we suggest checking out this gallery and finding out that you feel best suits your personality!