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Power of love seen on Gandang Gabi Vice with these heartwarming memes

Gerry Plaza July 29,2018 12:57 AM

Love is universal, love is all-encompassing. It strikes you when you least expect it, and moreso gives you that tinge of happiness you haven’t felt before.

It becomes so evident in episodes of Gandang Gabi Vice as we witness love in all its splendor in these Kapamilya Relate memes published on the ABS-CBN Facebook page.

Even if you are so strong and tough, it melts you and makes you feeble in its wake.

With its power, It changes you deep inside to the way you radiate in the flesh at the shortest time possible

And makes you ponder what to do and assume your beshies think the same way…

But of course, nothing beats the kind of love you happily declare and share on a live TV audience.

It’s really hard to know what love truly is, but simply put it is the way you give yourself wholeheartedly and sincerely, even in the face of difficulties, ordeals. These are the stories we profoundly celebrate on Gandang Gabi Vice, Sundays after I Can See Your Voice.