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Ang Probinsyano: Ang mga bagong babae sa buhay ng Vendetta April 16, 2019 10:00 PM

The Vendetta sets their foot at the PNP National Headquarters to begin in their police trainings. As they walk around, civilian members of the Vendetta express their awe at the Camp Crame’s intimidating ambience and their excitement about their newest mission in the police force. The Vendetta catches a sight of several female co-trainees. Most Vendetta members smile at the thought of working side by side with beautiful ladies but Cardo (Coco Martin) sustains his stiff and serious facial expression.

Cardo and the Vendetta are staring at the façade of the camp’s main building when Wangbu (Jobert Austria) shared that he was once afraid of getting near the vicinity due to his past illegal works. He even jests feeling anxious and terrified when seeing a policeman in the streets. Ramil (Michael de Mesa) says he considered the authorities as enemies before and he feels overwhelmed now that he is set to become one of them.

Chikoy (Michael Roy Jornales) still can’t believe that he and the other CIDG boys are now back in the service as they thought they would already die under the hands of Lucas (Edu Manzano) before. Billy (John Medina) adds that the Lord has always been so good despite everything.  Mark (Lester Llansang) is happy that their troop has even become bigger.

Meanwhile, the female trainees talk about becoming part of the special task force formed by Oscar. They are all grateful for being hand-picked by the President himself and encourage one another to prove that they deserve the President’s trust. As the vendetta walks near them, they talk about the group’s heroism.

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