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Ang Probinsyano: Lola Flora, kinompronta ang paninira ni Gina April 16, 2019 09:56 PM

Since the beginning, Councilor Gina (Mitch Valdes) has always had a bad blood against Lola Flora (Susan Roces) and her family; as Cardo (Coco Martin) is known to be always on the lookout for corrupt people and officials like her. Now that Cardo is back in the police force with the Vendetta, Gina is more displeased than ever.

She acts friendly and cool while the Vendetta and Lola Flora are around but Gina is determined to work against them behind their backs. As part of per plans of ousting the Lola Flora’s family from their abode, Gina talked to Lola Flora’s landlady, Mrs. Suarez; and incites the latter to believe that the dwellers of the house are criminals.

Mrs. Suarez goes to Lola Flora and asks her to leave her household property as soon as possible, saying the issue is not about money matters but the safety of the neighborhood. Lola Flora and her family defend Cardo and the Vendetta by reminding Mrs. Suarez that the group has already been acquitted, and was even called by the President himself as heroes. However, Mrs. Suarez is not convinced and admits that someone has fed her with negative information about the Vendetta. Lola Flora gets curious and mad; and asks the identity of the person who circulates malicious news about the Vendetta.

Lola Flora storms to Gina and confronts her for igniting spiteful allegations against the Vendetta. But Gina reasons out that she simply related her own opinion.

Lola Flora reminds Gina that there is nothing wrong with voicing out one’s personal views but it is absolutely unethical to spread fake news against other people. Before leaving, Lola Flora boldly warns that Gina will never succeed in driving them away from their place.

As soon as Lola Flora and her family turn their back, Gina starts singing merrily with her team; appearing as though they are not a bit bothered by Lola Flora’s warnings.

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