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Ang Probinsyano: Renato, masaya sa natanggap na balita tungkol kay Romulo February 11, 2019 10:45 PM

Romulo (Lito Lapid) successfully saves Diana from Homer’s (Jhong Hilario) men. The couple even had the chance to share an intimate moment as they wrap each other in a heartfelt embrace. Still pouring their emotions and crying unto each other’s arms, they did not notice Homer’s presence nearby. Romulo turns around to shield Diana from Homer’s bullets. He dies while still holding on to his wife.

Homer leaves the area and comes home, bringing Diana and Bubbles with him. Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla) comes in their hideout to confront Homer for his misbehavior. However, Renato’s anger easily fades away as Homer tells him the good news.

Wala ka nang poproblemahin dahil pinatay ko na si Leon,” Homer reports. Renato gets more satisfied with Homer’s works as he discovers that Diana is now under their hands.

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