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Hugot Challenge with Yassi Pressman

Isabelle Francez Raymundo October 23,2018 01:42 AM

Who does not love a good hugot? As much as we are a nation of hopeless romantics, drama is a close second in our hearts. And when you mix these two together, you get a hugot! Trending one liners that many of us can relate. Even if you can’t relate to them, they are still fun to read as witty insights about a relationship.

Every item has a story behind them. The challenge now is bringing out the hugot that will touch anyone who reads it. So, we wanted to see if Yassi Pressman can do it!

“Pati ba naman ikaw, ang tigas-tigas mo na rin.”

Pillows are our soft sleeping buddies, but overtime they get worn out and need replacing. You might need to let it go to get some beauty rest.

“Dito ko nilagay ang lahat ng ating nakaraan.”

Just because a trash can is meant for trash does not mean the can itself is trash. Throwing something away, whether it is an item or a memory of someone, can be a good thing too! It is time to move on.

“Sana naging pera na lang ako para nalaman mo ‘yung halaga ko.”

There is nothing truer than these words. The world revolves around money and we can only hope that someone would need you as much as they need money.

“Sa’yo, pakiramdam ko laging ligtas ako. Pero binura ng hangin ang lahat ng ‘to. Ngayon, wala na.”

Yes, a relationship can feel lifesaving, especially when it is new and fresh. But as a simple reminder, you also have to love yourself. Basically, learn to float on your own.

If you are going through a rough time, Yassi is here for you! Watch this video because there is no doubt that she gets our feelings.